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Why You Need A Registered Agent To Open A Montana LLC

Posted by MT Vehicles on Aug 22, 2018 11:00:04 AM

saving money with a montana llc registered agentOpening a Montana LLC has many benefits including saving money on sales tax, income tax (in some cases), and being able to separate personal/business expenses. Read on to learn more about why a Registered Agent is needed to help you start the LLC process.

Benefits of a Montana LLC

truck driver purchase semi montana llc registered agentsSaving money on sales tax is one of the biggest reasons why people from all over the U.S. are opening a Montana LLC. In most states, sales tax is an added expense when buying just about anything.

For those who make big-ticket purchases such as vehicles, classic cars, RVs, motorcycles, or luxury cars, sales tax can add a significant amount to the final costs. Montana LLC owners, however, don’t have to pay any sales tax upfront on their items if they purchase them under their LLC’s name.

These tax savings apply to every Montana LLC owner, regardless of where they live or where their purchases are made. This means that if you live in a high sales tax state like California or New York, you don’t have to pay sales tax at the time of your purchase. For items costing thousands of dollars, Montana LLC owners can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront.


Why Do Montana LLCs Require a Registered Agent?

Now that you’ve read about the tax savings, you might be seriously considering opening a Montana LLC for yourself. Great! All you need is a Registered Agent with a physical office in the state of Montana.

Registered Agents are people or companies that have been approved by the state to file LLC paperwork on behalf of the LLC owner, accept official mail for them, and file vehicle registration paperwork in Montana.

Regardless of where you live, your LLC will have to be maintained by a Registered Agent in Montana. Another significant benefit of hiring a Registered Agent is that you’ll have a point of contact for any LLC related questions you have.

Some limitations of a Registered Agent include answering tax questions or giving legal advice. If you plan to conduct business with your Montana LLC (i.e., selling products or services), we strongly advise hiring a business attorney and an accountant to help you with legal and tax related issues.


When you open a Montana LLC with us, we’ll help answer your questions about how the process works, what paperwork is needed, and how to get started. Our flat fee includes paperwork filing, registration for one vehicle, and Registered Agent services for one year. Each year, your LLC paperwork will need to be renewed with the state of Montana and your vehicle(s) will need to be re-registered.

Ask us how we can help you open a Montana LLC and start saving money today!

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