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Get Ready To RV Full Time: Top 5 Pros & Cons

Posted by MT Vehicles on Dec 28, 2017 12:00:25 PM

Traveling the country in your recreational vehicle (RV) full time is an adventure that many Americans dream about for retirement age. Whether you are retiring or wanting to live a minimalistic lifestyle at any age, life on the road has many personal advantages. Many who adhere to the minamalistic life find that they enjoy the simpleness of living in a smaller traveling space with less material goods. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of pursuing the full time RV lifestyle

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Jump On The Green Road With These Eco-Friendly Cross Country Locations

Posted by MT Vehicles on Dec 14, 2017 3:24:39 PM

Going green is not just a trend. Every one plays an important part in in making our world eco-friendly. Being responsible about using valuable resources and caring about the size of our carbon footprints are here to stay. Electric cars, recycling and solar heating are just the beginnings.

Besides going green in your home, electric vehicles have now become increasingly popular. To show you how serious our world is about going green – check out our nation's newest highways. Have you heard about the green road? 

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The Green Basics Of Environmentally Friendly RV Living

Posted by MT Vehicles on Nov 29, 2017 6:05:51 PM

The awareness of the importance of “living green” has increased significantly over the last decade. This movement includes cars, homes, businesses – and you guessed it – RVs. We have become a country of people who have become more and more aware of our carbon footprints.

The definition of a carbon footprint can be scientifically explained - but simply stated – each of us produces a carbon footprint by the amounts of resources that we use. One of the primary sources that contribute to a carbon footprint is emissions from vehicles in road travel. This is why you see car manufacturers working diligently to increase the number of hybrid-electric vehicles that emit less carbon.

Each of us has a carbon footprint. The more we use resources such as gas, oil, coal and the like – the larger our carbon footprint.

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