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Save Big! Form A Montana LLC For Your RV

Posted by MT Vehicles on Aug 24, 2018 12:09:53 PM

rv life retired couple travel montana llc Do you love to take road trips but hate the expense of hotels? Then starting a Montana LLC may be the best decision you’ll ever make. In this article, we’ll outline the best aspects of owning an RV and share the benefits of purchasing it as a Montana LLC owner.

What’s So Great About RVing?

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What’s not to like about traveling in your own “home on wheels”? For die-hard RVers, owning an RV is something that enhances life in so many ways. From comfort and convenience to sightseeing, there’s nothing like RVing.

Thousands of campsites across North America cater to RVers. It’s pretty common to find accommodations at KOA or National Park campsites such as hookups for electricity, Wi-Fi, and water/sewer. Staying at these sites can be just as comfortable as a hotel, and with all of the same conveniences.

Spontaneity is another great benefit to traveling in an RV. You can drive as long as you want, stop anywhere along the way, and never have to worry about making hotel reservations ahead of time. There are some great mobile apps (such as the KOA app) that can help you find RV campgrounds anywhere in North America.

RVers also love being able to travel at their own pace. There’s never a rush to make it to the next town to stay in a hotel. And if there aren’t RV campsites near you when you decide to stop for the night, a generator can provide you with electricity. Since most RVs have a water storage tank for the sink, shower, and toilet, you won’t have to go without those conveniences.


Buying an RV With Your Montana LLC

A Montana Limited Liability Company (or LCC) is registered in the state of Montana and is considered a "resident" of Montana. This means you don't have to be a resident of Montana to save money registering an RV in sales-tax-free Montana.

Purchasing an RV under your Montana LLC is easy. Simply start your LLC in Montana (we will handle everything for one flat fee), purchase an RV in your home state under your LLC, and we will take care of your Montana vehicle registration paperwork.

These sales tax savings apply to new or used RVs, so imagine the savings on a $100,000 RV purchased in a state with high sales tax (such as California)! It could be $10,000 if your county charges 10% sales tax.

At the time of purchase, you will owe no sales tax because your Montana LLC is listed as the buyer of the vehicle. Additionally, your LLC will be listed as the registered owner of the vehicle with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.


Ask us how we can help you get started today for one flat fee. Owning your Montana LLC is hassle-free when you let us do all the work. And with two decades of experience, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable it is!

Download the Ultimate Guide on Vehicle Registration with Your Montana LLC

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