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Buying A Luxury Vehicle From A No Sales Tax State Saves You Money

Posted by MT Vehicles on Oct 20, 2017 10:01:56 AM

couple with money no sales tax state vehicle luxury buying spending cash older.jpgCurrently about 20 percent of American households earn over $100K. Many treat themselves to buying luxury vehicles but must face expensive state sales tax and licensing and registration fees on top of inspections. By purchasing a luxury vehicle through your Montana Limited Liability Company, you can save up to five figures on sales tax and fees in addition to the cost of your car. 


How It Works

rich jet set woman luxury car buying no sales tax state vehicle registration.jpgIf you already have a business that travels for a living, this LLC in Montana strategy can help improve your balance sheet dramatically. Just base your business in Montana, while still maintaining your current office. Purchasing cars, motorcycles, RVs and boats can be done through your Montana company, helping you cut enormous costs. Efficiency is what all profit-conscious businesses strive for to earn the best possible margins. 

Since Montana is a pro-business state, it makes it easy for you to operate an LLC without all the complexities involved with typical corporate governance and government regulations. You do not have to be a resident of the state, you simply need to base your headquarters in Montana. Compared with large publicly-traded corporations, you won't have to provide much documentation to the government beyond initial filing and an annual report. Professionals who regularly attend trade shows across the country can also use this opportunity to base the business in Montana while traveling the country promoting your brand and making new contacts.


LLC Benefits

Saving tens of thousands of dollars is the primary advantage to buying vehicles through your LLC. It's specifically valuable to high income earners or well-funded business owners that can afford luxury vehicles. Whether you run a high-end limousine service, practice law in multiple states or do any other work involving travel, you can take advantage of this money-saving solution.

harley davidson vehicle registration no sales tax state montana llc.jpgDifferent states have different rules regarding LLCs and some are more strict and expensive than others. Montana happens to be one of five states without a state sales tax and it's a beautiful place to visit or live if you enjoy the great outdoors. You won't be dealing with the slow and tedious file processing annoyances found in many other states. Instead, you'll speed up the process without all the red tape. 

It's ideal for Harley Davidson bikers who travel the country as well as RV buyers. You can enjoy Montana and parks such as Yellowstone when you're not running your businesses. It's also an exciting opportunity for green energy advocates who are early adopters of Tesla's high-end electric cars, as well as green RV pioneers. Here are other key benefits to basing your LLC in Montana:

  • rapid license and registration processing
  • maintain your existing driver's license
  • hiring an attorney is not necessary
  • structure the company how you and your partners want
  • limit liability exposure while protecting personal assets

tesla luxury electric car buying no sales tax state montana llc vehicle registration.jpgIn the next decade the electric vehicle market is expected to rise dramatically as prices will come down for the middle class. At the moment EVs are mainly in the luxury class except for a handful of models priced under $30k. Well funded green businesses that are already ahead of the curve can benefit even more by basing the operations in Montana. 

Basing your LLC in Montana has many other additional benefits that are associated with running a smaller company than a huge conglomerate. You can be a sole proprietor or work with partners and decide how shares are divided. In other words, you will face minimal interference and roadblocks from the government to achieving your business goals and enjoying its rewards, such as driving in premium vehicles. 



Every successful business leader knows that keeping costs low and profits high is a much better position than the other way around. Montana is the answer to huge saving on purchasing luxury vehicles and running an LLC due to no sales tax state and lower overall fees. Contact your Local Registered Agent to get the ball rolling on running a hassle-free business in Montana. 


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